Christmas Woodturning Projects

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Christmas Woodturning ProjectsChristmas Woodturning Decorations

Christmas is a great time of the year.  It is also a time to turn some decorations for your Christmas Tree.  The first Christmas woodturning projects, Christmas Trees and Icicles are easy spindle projects.  They don’t require special wood or tools.  There are no set parameters for the design so you can be very creative in your turning efforts.

For those of you who sell your wood turnings these are great inventory builders.  It really doesn’t take long at all to put a pen blank on the lathe and produce an icicle.  If you have some slightly larger rectangular blanks then Christmas trees would be easy.

Christmas Woodturning Projects

IciclesWooden Icicles Title

These can be turned out of scrap wood but I have found that pen blanks work very well.  You will need a supply of small eyelet screws and ribbons to finish off your icicles.  Use a nice glossy finish to make your Icicles shine on the Christmas tree.

Christmas TreesWoodturning Projects Tree Title

These are slightly larger than the icicles, unless you like making small trees which is okay too.  This article presents three different styles of tree.  You can be very creative in your turnings.  For the trees you can either turn a base so that they can stand upright on their own or you can use eyelet screws and ribbons to make them into tree decorations.

Knitting Nancy SnowmanWoodturning Projects Knitting Nancy

You can turn a knitting Nancy in lots of different shapes.  This project turns out a snowman.  So it is perfect to add to your Christmas woodturning inventory.

Marketing suggestions

Christmas craft fairs are the most logical place to be selling your Christmas woodturning.  However, having a few special items, or a small selection of trees and icicles in your booth at other times can be beneficial.  Many summer craft fairs have a Christmas in July theme.  Some people are always looking for decorations and finding them in May or September is exciting for them.  Plan ahead so your are ready for the Christmas season.

Selling at craft fairs is a challenge yet exciting time.  Here is a listing of posts that can help you with your booth, sales, and marketing.