• Spile: How to Tap into Sap – A Woodturning Project
  • 5 Wood Turning Projects for the Garden
  • Wooden Grommet – Turning for the home office
  • Mini Decorations – A Woodturning Project
  • Cremation Urn – A Woodturning Project

Woodturning Projects

Spile: How to Tap into Sap – A Woodturning Project

When winter is almost over, and the sap begins to run, it is the time to tap the trees and make syrup.  I always thought that you needed a lot of equipment and stuff.  True the boiling down of the syrup needs a fire, a big pot, and a shed to keep out the wind.  […]

More Turning Projects:

More turning projects...


5 Steps to Prepare Rough Wood for Turning

A very common question is where do I find wood for turning.  The next challenge is, once you have collected some wood, boards, or branches, how do you get the rough wood onto your lathe?  The key to successful woodturning is preparing the wood to turn then securing that wood on the lathe so that […]

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