Born for This – A Book Review

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you lost track of time?  Your work was so absorbing that the obstacles simply melted before you?  This is when you have flow or you are in the zone.  I most often feel this way when I am working at … [Read more...]

Production Planning for the Woodturner

Well it’s July.  Time for us to think about Christmas.  That’s right, Christmas in July.  Those Christmas craft fairs can start in October or November and the Fall Fairs can start in August!  This is the time to do a review of your inventory.  What … [Read more...]

Tea Light – A Woodturning Project

This second tea light holder project, is an upside down bowl.  It is easy to turn because you use the hole for the tea light to enable you to hollow out the bowl.  The outside of a bowl is usually quite easy to turn and to make smooth and shiny.  For … [Read more...]

Tea Lights – A Woodturning Project

Tea lights are small candles that need small but stable holders.  Make several of these to have around the house.  These candle holders are great to create ambiance or to use during a power outage.  You can use all kinds of wood from scrap to exotics … [Read more...]

How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

When you sharpen your tools for woodturning you shape the tool to cut wood in a specific way.  You may have two bowl gouges with slightly different grinds for two different purposes.  How you respond to your customers may require you to sharpen your … [Read more...]

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