• How to Turn a Lidded Box – A Woodturning Project
  • Turn a Fidget Stick for Kids 5 to 85
  • Wooden Handle – A woodturning project
  • Turned Weed Pot – A woodturning project
  • Diz: A Turned Fiber Tool Project

Woodturning Projects

How to Turn a Lidded Box – A Woodturning Project

When presented with an empty honey jar from Pooh, Eeyore is delighted.  It is a perfect place to put his present from Piglet, a deflated red balloon.  Everything works out in the end.  Turned lidded boxes are also perfect for storing small articles or knick knacks.  The inspiration for this project was a post on […]

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Build a Solid Foundation for your Sales

In our consumer society it is easy to imagine that sales just happen.  But is that true?  Actually most sales rely on a relationship between you (as the consumer) and the company (as the seller).  When I was growing up in Castlegar, BC, I would go to West’s Department store.  The prices were similar to […]

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