Product Combinations that Sell at Craft Fairs

No I’m not talking about Beethoven or Mozart; I’m talking to woodturners who have to make decisions about what products to sell, and in combination with other products.  In this post I’m going to brainstorm with you what product combinations might … [Read more...]

Christmas Ornaments: Build Your Inventory Fast

Its that time of year.  Early fall, the children are back in school, and you're still working at harvesting the garden.  Way too early to think about Christmas, but it is the right time for some quick wood turning production work.  That's right, … [Read more...]

Olive Wood for Your Turning Projects

Olive Wood is a fruit wood with lovely grain patterns. It is a hard wood which requires sharp tools and it will take a great finish as well. There is a fruity odor as you are turning it. Normally you turn smaller projects with olive wood rather than … [Read more...]

Is Your Woodturning Affecting Your Health?

I love woodturning.  It is fun to turn wood into beautiful projects.  Spending time at the lathe is both relaxing and productive.  Yet woodturning can result in challenges to your health.  How you turn and the environment you turn in can affect you.  … [Read more...]

Jar Lid: A Woodturning Project

Mason jars and mason jar memorabilia are all over the place.  I know of one restaurant that serves its water in mason jars.  (It used to be only rednecks that did that.)  You can get mason jar shaped measuring cups, mason jar shaped cookie cutters, … [Read more...]

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